Bridge v4 (DAVE) CRM Updates Release Notes 2/16/2023

This release includes a re-tooled eSign feature and enhancements to Sub contact handling, Duplicate contact checking, and bug fixes for QQ auto sync processing to Bridge v4 (DAVE). All changes implemented are designed to enhance the user experience on the Bridge v4 (DAVE) platform. Refer to the appropriate list below for specifics.

New Feature

The eSign feature has been re-tooled to provide multi-location messaging/brand support. The changes include:

  • Application of default messaging/branding agency-wide through the creation of default/selectable message/reminder/envelope settings templates
  • Added ability to create folders that can be restricted to individual users or shared agency-wide
  • Improved stored signature management by allowing past signatures to be deleted after a document is no longer deemed active
  • Improved usability by reducing the number of clicks needed to send a record and reducing time to process eSign envelopes.


  • Updated QQ contact handling to include sub-contact assignment using phone and/or email addresses.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected selection of custom timer interval for QQ contact auto sync.
  • Corrected contact selection anomalies with AMS360 call pop.

Items we are still working on

  • Our primary focus at this time for Bridge v4 is on improving task workflow, usability, and overall system reliability. Stayed tuned.

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