Meet Dave, the leading phone system for insurance agents and brokers.

Get the features you need - automation, insights, flexibility - all in a phone software made for the savvy agent and broker.

Cut through the chatter and revolutionize how you interact with customers.

Your phone system is the hub of your agency, but if it's disjointed and inefficient, you lose time and money. With Bridge, you get advanced features that maximize productivity and lead to better customer connections.

Gear Accent

Automate Tasks

Bridge records and transcribes conversations, displays relevant customer info, and distributes calls for maximum efficiency - all without you lifting a finger.

Gain Advanced Insight

Track agent performance, see call traffic forecasts, and more so you can have confidence that you are prepared and your team is performing.

Improve Customer Relations

Customer reviews are the life-blood of agents and brokers. Delight your customers through improved call times and service, and automatically follow up asking them to review their experience.

(With Bridge), we've experienced significant growth, doubling our production this year alone without adding staff. This efficiency has led to a remarkable 50% increase in sales and a 30% rise in revenue, even during a challenging market.

Oliver Connor
Connor Insurance Agency

See how Connor Insurance modernized its marketing and boosted efficiency
Increase in Sales
Rise in Revenue
Advanced Phone

Need a more advanced phone system? Explore our enterprise-level phone solutions for large insurance agents and brokers

Advanced Phone

Reach a new level of efficiency with a modern, connected system.

No more plug-ins or products that don’t talk to each other. Move your entire communications hub into one platform that speaks your language.

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CRM Integration

Effortlessly connect with your CRM and automate tasks so you can focus on what you do best - delighting customers.

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Unified Campaigns

Set up robust automated marketing campaigns for target groups that combine phone, text, email, and video, maximizing customer responsiveness and improving retention.

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Voicemail +

Protect your agency. Bridge automatically records and transcribes your calls, keeping you compliant and ensuring your customer interactions are outstanding.

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Customer service

Cultivate trust and loyalty with a customer experience your customers will rave about.

Win over prospects and improve customer loyalty with tools that empower your CSRs and maximize efficiency.

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99.99% uptime means your customers are always heard.

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Screen Pop

See key customer data before you answer the phone or even open up your agency management software.

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Call Distribution

Set up groups and distribution strategies to get the most out of your CSRs and keep your hold times low.

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Robust reports and forecasts that keep you ahead of the curve.

Act with confidence and back your decisions with communications tools built to help brokers and agencies.

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Call Analytics

See when the bulk of calls arrive, average call and hold times, and more to inform how you manage your team.

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CSR Activity

Keep track of efficiency and individualized reports to see who’s performing and who can use a boost.

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Automated Scheduling

Give your agency a game plan that incorporates your entire marketing ecosystem so your team hits all key areas at just the right time.

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Customer reviews

Don’t take our word, take theirs

One of the most impressive parts of working with Bridge is access to the people who actually have the ability to get things done. Problem presented, problem solved.  A rarity in this day of sometimes iffy customer service at many companies.

John S.

Bridge has been great for our agency. I have always been reluctant to changes, but this one was very smooth and easy. If someone needs help, they are eager to help.
I highly recommend Bridge.

Rafael P.

(Bridge's) integration with my management system is awesome. It reduces what I must do by 25%

Christopher S.

Bridge has been an integral partner for us in improving our workflow, customer experience, and driving ROI. We love working with their teams, and have awesome experiences with customer support... Highly recommend Bridge as a strategic business partner.

Christopher S.

"We love Bridge and being able to dial customers right out of EPIC."

Mark D.

"If it wasn't for Bridge we would not be healthy and happy in business. They were there when we needed it most."

Christina B.

"Other systems come through the door every week trying to get me to switch and I say 'don't even bother!'"

Kay B.

"The support team is fantastic, always works towards finding a solution and follows up if an issue is more involved.  Thanks for being awesome!"

Anna S.

"Bridge was extremely helpful assisting me with our shared calendars in the HawkSoft system.  They were knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.  Thanks so much, Bridge!!!!"

Gina N.

The integration alone is worth its weight in gold!

Oliver C.

Simplify your agency's marketing and communication