10/26/23 Bridge Updates & Improvements

On October 26, 2023, we rolled out updates for the Bridge v4 (DAVE) platform. Here's what you need to know...

New Features:

Agency Text Out-of-Office Notice: Let’s everyone know when you're out of the office, making communication smoother.

Text Opt-In Process: We've introduced a comprehensive Text Opt-In process for Text Compliance protections. Manage your Text Opt-In list, collect consent via website, email, or lead import submission - all in one place!


AMS360 Integration: You can now export Activity & Suspense data to employees in AMS360.

Targeted Notices: Choose specific individuals to receive Bridge Notices. Tailor your notifications for an even more personalized experience!


Bridge Mobile App Change: Due to changes in Apple & Android phones, we've updated the Bridge Mobile App. This is not an update but a new version. The new app is found on the Google Play and Apple app stores. The old app must be removed before installing the new one to change the necessary licensing and keys.

TCR Application Appeals: We've improved the submission process for declined TCR applications.

Bug Fixes:

User Add Process: We've added checks to ensure a smooth User Add process.

Analytics Reports: Fixed anomalies with Saved Lists and User access in Agency Analytics Reports

Call History: Display/handling of agency main numbers in Call History is now error-free.

Automated Marketing Campaigns: Contact deletion actions are now synchronized with recipients in Automated Marketing campaigns.

Text Conversations: Anomalies with display/handling of user text conversations, incoming text messages, and new message thread creation have been corrected.

Visual Voicemail: No more data mismatch anomalies! Visual voicemail display is now accurate.

Important Notice:

Bridge v2 & v3 will retire on November 30, 2023.  Our customers are encouraged to upgrade to Bridge v4 (DAVE) for a smoother experience!  Agencies can contact care@bridge.insure for a no-cost upgrade.

What's Next?

We're committed to making Bridge v4 even better! Our focus is on improving task workflow, usability, and overall system reliability. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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