November 16th Update

In this latest release of Bridge v4 (DAVE), we’ve made changes to improve our customers' experience and fixed some things to make Bridge work smoother.  Here’s what was changed:


Performance Enhancements

We made Bridge faster and better so you can enjoy using it even more!

  1. Now, when new opportunities show up in the Sales Pipeline, emails about them can go straight to the team manager.
  2. We added push notifications!  This means you’ll get important messages about your Bridge service in near real-time.
  3. We improved how Bridge connects with AMS360, making it work even better with customers with large numbers of contacts
  4. To make text op-in easier, we tweaked some things to make it easier for our customers’ clients to confirm consent to text
  5. Deleted contacts won’t be processed when a campaign is cloned and bother non-clients with automated marketing campaigns anymore!


Important Notice:

Bridge v2 & v3 will retire on November 30, 2023.  Our customers are encouraged to upgrade to Bridge v4 (DAVE) for a smoother experience!  Agencies can contact care@bridge.insure for a no-cost upgrade.

What’s Next?

We’re not done making Bridge awesome!  We’re working hard to make tasks easier, improve how Bridge looks, and make sure it always works well.  So, stay tuned for more updates!

You’ll see these changes as soon as you log into Bridge.  Enjoy the improved experience!

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