Updates & Improvements to Bridge Platform - 09/13/2023

On September 13, 2023, we released updates for the Bridge v4 platform (also known as DAVE).  We've been working hard to make our customers’ experience even better, and we can't wait for you to check out the new changes.

Here's what's new:

We've made the Bridge v4 platform faster and smoother in a few important areas:

-        Text Block List Management: Now, it's even easier to manage your blocked text messages list.

-        SMS Thread Handling: Texting in Bridge v4 will be more efficient and reliable.

-        Bridge Mobile Notifications: Get important notifications on your mobile device with ease.

We've also fixed some bugs to make the Bridge v4 experience more enjoyable:

-        Sales Pipeline Forms: We improved how forms look when you print them.

-        Call History: Searching for names in your call history is now more accurate.

-        Bridge CRM & Mobile UI: Voicemail playback is now consistent and smoother.

-        Agency Analytics Reports: Single-day reports work consistently and accurately now for all communications types

-        SMS Display: Admins using Bridge will see SMS messages correctly.

-        Text Messaging & Contact Panels: Dialing contacts is now hassle-free.

-        Agency Analytics Reports: Adding rows works flawlessly.

-        Text Threads: Scrolling through messages is now smooth.

-        User Management: We added some safeguards to prevent errors when adding users and to ensure proper assignment of user extensions.

-        SMS Threads: Viewing SMS threads are displayed correctly

-        Agency Text Messaging: Identifying unhandled message threads is now accurate.

-        Outbound Caller ID: Caller IDs now display consistently.

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