Bridge Dialer Version Update

Bridge Dialer Version Update

March 24th, 2022

We highly encourage you to update to the latest version of the Bridge Dialer

This release contains revised communication protocol assignment & install permissions. In addition, it includes enhanced functionality for Outbound Caller ID assignment, Warm Transfer, Call Park, and Location permissions to improve your user experience.

Due to recent changes made by a Windows security patch, this update WILL REQUIRE local admin rights to install. Please see your network administrator for the needed credentials.


Dial pad input enabled during Warm Transfer operations
CALLTO & TEL protocol assignment

Bug Fixes

UI improvements for Call Centre User Display
Improved scroll operations for Text Messaging
Enhanced Location permissions support

Known Issues

We have had reports of delays in the on-call status display within the Call Centre under some network/desktop conditions. However, we have not been able to duplicate this condition in our lab consistently and are working on resolving this issue.

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