Bridge CRM Update 6.7.22

Bridge CRM Update 6.7.22

June 7th, 2022

This release includes hardened mobile app user security, toll-free number texting compliance, and numerous improvements designed to enhance the user experience.

New Features

Incorporated procedures for Toll-Free Number assignments for compliance with SMS message requirements.


Incorporation of previous MAC address assignment within Hot Desking to increase reliability.
Hardened user security within the Bridge Mobile application.
Improved Hot Desk logout function.
Changed Time Zone assignment to individual User Profile.
Incorporation of audio message assignment within Caller Block List function.

Bug Fixes

Improved consistency of date range lists in List Builder.
Improved consistency of renewal reports and date range lists in Agency Reports.
Improved consistency of call recording playback within the Bridge Mobile application.
Improved consistency of contact removal with policy data within Bridge Contacts.
Improved consistency of Call Recording exports from Bridge Call History.
Improved consistency of Bridge Provisioning portal for Desk Phone registration processing.
Improved reliability of Time Zone assignment on Desk Phones.

Items we are still working on

Inconsistency of Manual contact imports, Hawksoft Caller Screenpops, and the ability to export data to Hawksoft have been reported under some network/desktop conditions. Unfortunately, we have not been able to replicate these conditions in our lab consistently and are working on the issues.

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