Bridge CRM Update (2-28-2022)

Bridge CRM Update


This release includes

Enhanced features for eSign, Call Centre View, and User Text Messaging plus various improvements/bug fixes for eSign List Builder, QQ Sync, Voice mail handling, functions to enhance the user experience.

New Features

Tiered Sending of eSign documents
View Only status in Location Permissions
Assignable User Text messaging function

Bug Fixes

eSign Templates, Text Box handling and Approve Only selection
List Builder Acct. Sales & Service Mgr. selection
Improved QQ Catalyst sync processing for policy data
Improved Voice Mail handling
Agency Renewal Reports

Items we are still working on:

Inconsistency of Automated Messaging triggers, Queue Analytics in the UI, and export to Hawksoft have been reported under some network/desktop conditions. We have not been able to consistently replicate these conditions in our lab and are working on the issues.

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