A better marketing experience for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Level the playing field against the big guys with agency-specific marketing tools that will make you wonder how you did it any other way.

(With Bridge), we've experienced significant growth, doubling our production this year alone without adding staff. This efficiency has led to a remarkable 50% increase in sales and a 30% rise in revenue, even during a challenging market.

Oliver Connor
Connor Insurance Agency

See how Connor Insurance modernized its marketing and boosted efficiency
Increase in Sales
Rise in Revenue

Get higher renewal rates with automatic customer outreach and engagement tools

World-class marketing tools, without the hassle or technical savvy necessary. We’ve done the hard work for you, so you’ll have access to pre-set playbooks and tools used by the big guys. 

Drip Campaigns

Create customizable multi-channel marketing campaigns that reach customers and leads automatically based on events you specify.

Better Targeting

No more guesswork. With Bridge’s List Builder and Power Prospector you can reach your customer groups and target market better and faster than ever.

Easy Set Up

Use a template or set up your own processes and start generating leads the same day. Yeah, it's that easy


Quickly implement phone, text, video, and email marketing campaigns that target your ideal customer.

Use ready-to-go templates or customize your own to run when specific interactions when events occur, like a button click or a customer being one-month from renewal.

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One-Time Campaigns

Create specialized marketing efforts for things like a new policy available or special discounts.

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Multi-Step Marketing

Nurture customers and leads across communications channels with a consistent cadence, increasing renewal probability and brand visibility.

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Auto Triggers

Set specific campaigns to automatically engage customers and leads based on events and watch renewals and closing rates rise without lifting a finger.

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Lead Generation

Hyper-focus your marketing efforts

Bridge gives you tools that make sure your agents are actually reaching your customers and target market with a continuous list they can pull from, maximizing efficiency across the board.

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List Builder

Using your prospect and customer data, generate finely-tuned lists to use for all of your marketing.

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Power Prospector

No exporting, tweaking, importing or matching. Use list builder to set your customer list and click go in Bridge’s auto dialer.

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Custom Forms

Use custom forms internally and on your website and automatically or manually assign them to your Marketing Campaigns.

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Insurance agent marketing the easy way

With Bridge you don’t have to be a marketing expert. Bridge’s automatic marketing tools are custom-built for agents and brokers so you can spend less time in dashboards and more time selling.

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Pipeline Flow

Give your agency an easy path to create, monitor and manage your complete sales pipeline. See your proposals automatically move from Draft to Sent to Viewed to Signed.

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Now your marketing and agency management system work together automatically. Never miss a renewal or policy update and auto-assign marketing efforts based on changes.

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Who opened? Who clicked? Who was called? How many leads came in through your website? Automatically generate intelligent reports that let you know which of your campaigns yielded the best results, and which need improvement.

Customer reviews

Don’t take our word, take theirs

One of the most impressive parts of working with Bridge is access to the people who actually have the ability to get things done. Problem presented, problem solved.  A rarity in this day of sometimes iffy customer service at many companies.

John S.

(Bridge's) integration with my management system is awesome. It reduces what I must do by 25%

Christopher S.

Bridge has been an integral partner for us in improving our workflow, customer experience, and driving ROI. We love working with their teams, and have awesome experiences with customer support... Highly recommend Bridge as a strategic business partner.

Christopher S.

"We love Bridge and being able to dial customers right out of EPIC."

Mark D.

"If it wasn't for Bridge we would not be healthy and happy in business. They were there when we needed it most."

Christina B.

"Other systems come through the door every week trying to get me to switch and I say 'don't even bother!'"

Kay B.

"The support team is fantastic, always works towards finding a solution and follows up if an issue is more involved.  Thanks for being awesome!"

Anna S.

"Bridge was extremely helpful assisting me with our shared calendars in the HawkSoft system.  They were knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.  Thanks so much, Bridge!!!!"

Gina N.

The integration alone is worth its weight in gold!

Oliver C.

Simplify your agency's marketing and communication