Bridge v4 (DAVE) and Bridge v2/v3 CRM Update 3/13/2023

This release includes changes to Bridge v4 (DAVE) and Bridge v3 & v2 CRMs. Refer to the appropriate list/s below for specifics. Only bug fixes for Fusion Login for Advanced Reports access and Default Ringtones were applied to Bridge v2/v3.In addition to a few bug fixes, enhancements were made for Text Compliance functions, all designed to enhance the user experience on the Bridge v4 (DAVE) platform.

Changes made to Bridge v4 (DAVE)


  • Enabled the ability for Admins to edit the outbound ID for user and agency fax.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored ability to create one time text messages in Automated MarketingModified user migration handling to prevent password mismatch.
  • Corrected email templates to reflect multi-office eSign settings.
  • Restored call pop link to launch contact upon call answer in AMS360.
  • Corrected error in Call Analytics when selecting to include local calls.

Items we are still working on

  • Our primary focus for Bridge v4 is improving task workflow, useability, and overall system reliability. Stayed tuned.

Bug Fix Changes to Bridge v2 & v3

  • Repaired tiny url links for exported recordings to AMS360 (v2 only)
  • Restored Fusion access for Admins for advanced CDR reporting
  • Removed baby shark from default selection fro ringtones

Bridge v2/v3 items we are still working on:

  • No further enhancements will be made to Bridge v2/v3. We will only facilitate major bug fixes on Bridge v2/v3 for the remainder of its life cycle

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