Bridge Dialer Version Update

Bridge Dialer Version Update

March 16th, 2022

We highly encourage you to update to this latest version of the Bridge Dialer.

This release contains revised User Interface updates of the previously released Bridge Dialer to correct display inconsistencies. In addition, it includes the same enhanced support for Outbound Caller ID assignment, Warm Transfer, Call Park, Record export to AMS, with some additional improvements to data/call handling to improve your user experience.

New Features:

Ability to use keypad during a Warm Transfer to enable transfers through IVRs
Default Outbound Caller ID assignment
New Viewer Only User assignment to Call Center

Bug Fixes:

Improved Call Park functions
Improved Warm Transfer Caller ID
Improved App CALLTO & TEL protocol assignment
Improved Text Message reply operation
Enhanced Data Export functions
Enhanced Operation with External Device Selection

Known Issues:

Delays in the on-call status display within Call Centre have been reported under some network/desktop conditions. However, we have not been able to duplicate this condition in our lab consistently and are working on resolving this issue.

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