Top Reasons Insurance Agencies Choose VoIP Phone Systems

Communicating clearly with clients and prospects is a key requirement of any business, and that is especially the case with an independent insurance company. And while it’s true that many younger insurance customers prefer to text or chat, that doesn’t apply to all customers, and definitely not at all times. How many phone calls does your office receive every day? Clearly your phone system is an important choice. And for insurance offices, VoIP phones provide many advantages and benefits over traditional or legacy phone service. Here are the top four reasons VoIP is the best choice.

1. Flexibility

Unlike traditional phones, a VoIP system is software based, and can be modified by you or your office admin. With VoIP, you can easily reassign a number or change a user’s name, set up call queues or groups and add or remove users from those groups, change your IVR settings and office hours, and add or edit recorded call greetings and on-hold music. These are just the basics, and a VoIP phone system gives you all these options and many more. Once you’ve made the switch to a VoIP-based system, you’ll wonder why didn’t make the change much sooner.

2. Contracts

This varies from provider to provider, and some VoIP providers unfortunately do have contracts. And as you’d expect, a traditional business phone system will almost invariably come with a long-term contract. We’d strongly recommend against signing a contract for your office’s phone service. Phone systems have become a commodity item; contracts really aren’t necessary today.

3. Cost

It’s not hard to imagine that setting up a phone system that’s software based is much less expensive than legacy hardware-based phone systems. With no hardware to install, VoIP systems simply can’t be beat from a pricing perspective. And with VoIP you also have the advantage of not having to dedicate office space for the hardware required for legacy systems. Hardware that needs to be secured and climate controlled. And we won’t even go into what is required when updates are needed to the hardware itself. Suffice to say there’s a reason VoIP has taken over business phones.

4. Integrations

This is a big one. Although it requires a provider with in depth insurance CRM expertise, a VoIP system can integrate with your agency’s CRM. And the deeper and more robust that integration, the more your office will benefit from the VoIP system. Imagine seeing who’s calling, based on the data in your CRM, before you even answer a call. With the right system, you can see their policy info and payment details directly on your screen allowing you to provide the best customer service possible. And in insurance, better service leads to more sales, more referrals and better retention.

The bottom line? VoIP phone systems simply make the most sense for any independent insurance office, especially when they provide deep integration with your office’s CRM or agency management system.

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